I am Bishal Gautam, I am a wildlife and nature photographer based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Professionally an Electronics and Communication Engineer, photography was my passionate hobby. It all began with …me taking an “ICT Enabled Services” project for a renowned travel company for which I traveled through many places photographing the events and nuances of the natural world, evoking an emotion through my photography evolved from a life-long passion for nature. Years later, I realized that wildlife photography has an important purpose: powerful images help connect people with our natural heritage and stimulate a commitment to conservation. Our planet is an amazing place, and we need to preserve its wonders for future generations.

“The moment I first picked up a camera and held it in my hand, I knew what I was meant to do for the rest of my life.”

Capturing the unique beauty of a location and its wildlife or landscape motivates me to invest as much time as I do out in the wilderness, focusing on nothing more than to potentially create a photograph with enough emotion and visual drama to tell a story; to justify to the viewer the immense beauty of that experience. The photographs on this website portray my passion for this, in a way that is both creative and natural, sometimes pushing the boundaries to obtain that unique perspective on our natural world.

The main reason I engage in nature | wildlife photography is my deep reverence and empathy for wildlife, and my fervent wish to effect conservation of wild creatures and habitat. I seek to both move and educate viewers and lead them to positive action with conservation impact.

Given my motivations and aims, I know that my photography practices must reflect my commitment to honor all wild life.

I photograph nature in its purest form and I love sharing my passion with people and hearing how much they LOVE what I do !