Bisket Jatra

Apr 11 2015

Bisket Jatra is the annual celebration of two of the most important deities of the town of Bhaktapur, the wrathful god Bhairab and the goddess Bhadrakali. The New Year of the Bikram Sambat calendar takes place at the same time as this ancient festival. A few days before the New Year, the goddess and the god are enshrined in their raths, or immense chariots,& pulled through the narrow streets of Bhaktapur by crowds of young men. The chariots rest at certain time-honored places in the city and people come out to throw offerings of flower, rice, coins and red sindur […]


Sadhu’s of Maha ShivaRatri Festival

Feb 25 2015

Maha Shivaratri – commonly referred to as Shivaratri, Sivarathri, and Shivaratri – literally means the night of Shiva, and is celebrated on the 13th night/14th day of the Maagha or Phalguna month of the Hindu calendar every year. Even though there are a number of legends pertaining to this auspicious occasion, there is just one motive behind the festival – pleasing the all powerful Lord Shiva. It is believed honoring Lord Shiva on this night helps worshipers to end bad habits and turn their lives in a better direction. Ironically, Lord Shiva is a favorite with many youth due to […]


Madhav Narayan Festival

Feb 03 2015

The month long Madhav Narayan festival ends today. This is one of the most difficult rituals practiced by Hindus of Nepal. Devotees undertake a month-long fast, eat one meal in a day without any salt, walk barefoot in the chilly cold winter mornings, roll on the ground before taking a holy dip in the Hanumante River. Unmarried women take the fast to get a good husband and married women for their familie’s prosperity. Location: Bank of Hanumante River, Bhaktapur Camera: Nikon D600 Lens: Nikon 16-35mm f/4 VR / Sigma 150mm f/2.8