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eBooks -Digital Publications

While book lovers may mourn the printed book as the main unit of text consumption, the growth of ebooks has been a real boon to self publishers. Online marketing through social media networks has allowed a whole class of authors to go directly for a readership platform. Their entrepreneurial instincts and willingness to take risks have paid of well for some pioneers.

 We develop our own tools at your service. We know that your requirements are evolving and we are equipped to quickly adjust.


We offer two types of ebook formatting: 1—eBook Conversion, 2—eBook Design. The difference between the two is eBook Designer’s Touch.

Whether your book is a simply-formatted novel or a complex non-fiction book with tables, equations, footnotes, cross-references and pull quotes, we have the flexibility and skill to create an outstanding ebook.

We are not purely coders, but book designers. Our goal is to convert your formatting, images, tables, cross-references, hyperlinks (in short, all content) into the most logical, readable and useable ebook possible. We will think about your book carefully, semantically and logically, including from a reader’s point of view, throughout the process and will communicate with you to reach an outstanding outcome.

Contact us  to obtain more details about the superiority of an eBook project and how much it will cost to convert and/or publish your eBook.

  • Deciding on your publishing brand
  • Obtaining registrations required to sell ebooks with US companies
  • Obtaining registrations and understanding reporting requirements.
  • Obtaining registrations to publish a book (ISBN, GST, CIP etc.)
  • Setting up accounts to sell ebooks through online vendors (We cover Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Google Play)
  • Preparing your meta data and files for selling via online vendors
  • Loading the ebook up for sale
  • Learning how to find the book for sale (back end and front end)
  • Learning how to build links for marketing purposes
  • Downloading, interpreting and accounting the sales data