There are many beautiful places all around the world which you just can’t miss especially if you love landscape photography and are impressed with the work of famous landscape photographers. These places are globally known for their serene beauty and mystical elegance. Out of all these places, I have some shots from Nepal, India and Tibet to showcase.

Nepal is a  landlocked nation bordered by India, China and Tibet. The country is located under the foothills of great Himalaya Mountains and is brimming with rivers lakes and valleys. A photographer can shoot gigabytes of landscape photographs and still won’t be tired to capture a few more of them.

India: From the colossal Himalayas in the north to the sedate beaches in the south and from the plains of Ganges to the desert of Thar, India is a country of landscapes. Some of the most captivating man-made structures when included with traditional landscapes give contemporary landscape photographers a chance to invent and reinvent their art.

Tibet has also most variations when it comes about landscapes. Distributed along the vast area of this place -deserts, canyons, mountains,lakes and holy shrines are located which are very attractive subjects to shoot.